Why did we start off with a blurb about the people you will be working with? Great question. We firmly believe that the relationship between you and your graphic/web designer is extremely important. If you cannot trust that they are working to make your business better, then you are working with the wrong firm. We firmly believe that our success only exists when you and your business’ needs are met. To prove our investment in our “relationships first” mindset, we offer the simple truth that our first client is still our client today.

Our Team

Jason Litke

Website designer/developer. Jason has over 7 years of website development experience. He has developed websites for a variety of market segments and utilizes languages and solutions most appropriate for the task at hand. He has a breadth of knowledge over web development languages and technologies such as: HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, PHP, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and more.


Lindsay Litke

Photographer. Lindsay is our photographer. She brings new life to any scene, be it products, office settings or even your lovely staff. Lindsay utilizes the latest software in conjunction with her DSLR cameras to bring the static world to life. Technologies employed are: Lightroom and Photoshop.


Dana Labelle

Graphic designer. Dana is our graphic designer. Need a color scheme that sets your business or idea apart, or even a logo to help a community recognize your specific brand? He will be your new best friend. Dana has designed anything from market material and business cards to full websites including color schemes, logos and slogans. Dana utilizes the entire Adobe creative suite to be the master of his craft.