Our company provides a range of photography services, ranging from personal to business needs. If you are looking for a senior photo shoot, family photos, headshots for you or your associates, product photography or even editing to be done on some of your already taken photos, look no further. Continue reading for more details…



Individual Headshots: Our photographer is ready to serve you today! Simply head over to our contact page to schedule your session.

Corporate Headshots: Do you have a company or team in need of a consistent photographic look and feel? Simply reach out to us and we will work with you to establish a “look” for the photos, then we will schedule either on site or a remote location for the shoot to occur. Once complete, we will process the photos and get them back to your team in a timely manner. General rule for processing time is 48 hours – time will vary for large teams.

Product Photography: Our photographer works their magic to showcase your product accurately, without distortion, in good lighting without intrusive shadows and consistently so that lighting, shadows, background are all uniform across the product line. Our focus and goal is to get your products ready for the web and brochures with a focus on attractively representing your hard work.



Senior Photos: Need senior photos done for you or you child? Book our photographer for your needs and we will meet you at the locations you have selected, or let us guide you around the greater Grand Rapids, or lakeshore area, to get your senior photos to showcase your personality.

Family Photos: Everyone dreads family photos, but hopefully we can show you that they can be exciting and fun. We will work with your family on timing, location and photo goals (funny, serious, loving) then turn them around to you in digital format so that way you can get them printed in any format or size desired.

**note: all personal photos can be printed and framed for an additional fee – this must be requested and conveyed during scheduling.